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Leading construction and project management in Africa, with our unique approach 'It Can Be Done'

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Green build in Africa

Green build solutions are part of our service offering to adapt to the changing construction and development environment in Africa, with successful implementation of innovative solutions and cost saving opportunities across all our projects. 

For further information contact us to see how we can help you meet the build requirements of your next project.

Why Our Clients Return

We Mitigate project risk 

For over 25 years we have offered project management and construction management services in challenging construction environments, such as Africa, understanding and finding solutions to mitigate the risks.

We are flexible and agile

We keep our operations agile to move quickly with changing project requirements.  We believe in partnering with local professionals and have established good working relationships with the local authorities and companies. We have a solid presence on each project, in every country that we operate in. This ‘local international’ approach is a fundamental part of the way we work.

Expertise in Key Sectors

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From pre-construction advisory, through to development management, project and programme management, tenant coordination and facilities support.


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