Iconic premium grade 4 star green rated office building in the heart of Commercial Centre in Sandton

Sandton, South Africa


Sandton, South Africa

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Redefine Properties Limited


90 Grayston Offices

At the outset our mandate was to create a flagship office building that met the 4 star green build criteria whilst having a minimal impact on the project budget. The project has focused first on substantially reducing energy requirements associated with HVAC systems and lighting but in no way compromising comfort and convenience. A highly efficient ammonia chiller system is used in conjunction with a full economy cycle. These two initiatives work together reducing the costs associated with generating cooling, and providing high ventilation rates. Similarly ‘free’ water captured during the summer rainfall season is used to flush toilets. While water has a very poor payback period, it does ensure that the building has a built in water resilience in the instance of chronic water shortage. The external façade comprised of a double glazed system with automatic blinds fitted between. A lot of design effort and calculation went into this system to ensure the correct glazing was selected such that as much natural light (daylight) as possible would filter through into the office space but at the same time reducing radiant heat and glare onto office work spaces. In so doing, the HVAC system would not have to work as hard to keep office spaces cool in summer and comfortable in winter. The automated blinds assisted in heat control as well as daylight glare control. The external façade system and building services facilitated the requirement to reduce the noise in the open plan area to 45 dB (A) and for cellular office s to 40dB (A).

The building has won the award for the Best Commercial Office Development as part of the SAPOA Innovative Excellence in Project Development Awards, as well as the first prize in the Master Builders Association North Regional Construction Health and Safety Awards.