Design and Build a sustainable township development in the manganese mining sector

Northern Province,
South Africa


Northern Province,
South Africa

Project role

Development Management,
Project Management,
Construction Management




BHP Billiton

Hotazel Mining & Infrastructure Township

Betts Townsend Taylor were appointed to deliver the Hotazel framework under a development, project and construction management framework over a three year build out period.

The scope of work of the township was segmented into existing town asset preservation (+/- 200 homes), new township development and Bulk Infrastructure Phase 1:74 homes, Phase 2: 250 homes, Phase 3: 400 homes, nursery school, tertiary/high school, 220 single quarter/ married accommodation, stadium upgrade, sports field upgrade, entertainment pavilion and social recreation upgrade, police station, retail shopping centre and airfield upgrades.

The Manganese rich Kalahari Basin in the Northern Cape is home to 80 per cent of the worlds manganese iron ore body.

The mining operations and projects are mega in scale and represent substantial GDP contributions as well as some of the largest open cast mines in the world.

Very few projects represent the employment equity and demand on resources as mining does.

They need highly skilled teams to deliver, under very pressurised environments and they need a home and an environment to return to that is conducive and supplementary to their homes that are often thousands of miles away.