Innovative and ground-breaking design mixed use development

Nairobi, Kenya


Nairobi, Kenya

Project role

Project Management, Tenant Co-ordination




Azalea Holdings Limited

22,500m2 retail area

The Hub Karen

The Hub Karen includes retail stores, lines stores, restaurants, fast food, offices, banks and medical suites designed to push the standards of design and quality, bringing international standards to the Kenyan market.

Some features include:
Overall buiId up area approx 70,000m2, a retail component of 22,500m2 with a retail a balance of the GLA attributed to commercial space.
The Piazza (2,000m2) for outdoor shows, markets and performances.
Staying green: oudoor space for activities such as mini golf, leisure walks, and wall climbing.
Entertainment / Kids area: With activities such as an arcades and supervised play areas.
Shopping: blend of local and international retailers