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Construction Management

Turnkey delivery

"If you can dream it, WE can build it."
                              Michael B Taylor

Construction management is one of our core services, being strongly embedded within our company culture.


Under a construction management form of contract, we partner with our clients and manage every element of a project from procurement to cost. This is a non-adversarial relationship, with our sole motivation being the achievement of the client’s project objectives through openness and transparency. The client is involved in every stage of the decision-making process, which means they still have full control. Thanks to the high degree of flexibility in this method, delays can be overcome or reduced more easily, as can changes and re-scheduling of work packages.


Under a construction management procurement option, construction activities can proceed concurrently with design, resulting in a reduced programme. Construction management offers greater programme and cost certainty throughout the life cycle of a project. By not adding the traditional contractor’s mark-ups on trade packages, we have historically seen significant savings in the project costs.


Betts Townsend Taylor built a solid reputation on construction management services and continues to maintain an unassailable, market leading position in delivering top quality construction management projects. We deliver projects in a transparent, collaborative and mutually beneficial manner. As a risk-sharing, professional form of contract, construction management offers the client maximum flexibility with minimum penalties.

Turnkey contracts are often our clients preferred method of delivery offering innovation and risk mitigation on their projects.


Under this form of contract, we take responsibility for completing a project according to pre-specified client criteria and for a price that is fixed at the time the contract is signed. This means we take charge of the whole process, from design through to the point at which the key is turned in the lock and the client moves into an operational facility. We also take on the role of contractor, appointing and managing all subcontractors. This delivers a saving to clients, who are spared the traditional contractor’s mark-up on preliminary and general items.


The most important benefit of a turnkey project to the client is that they have a fully functional facility upon completion of the project. We remove the onerous decisions and unnecessary stress from the client

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