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Project Management

Development Management
Tenant Co-ordination

“For the structure that we raise, Time is with materials filled;
Our todays and yesterdays are the blocks with which we build.”
                                                              Henry W Longfellow

Our project management service has specialized in delivering developments for private and public sector clients nationwide.


We have built an enviable reputation on the back of our extensive experience that ranges from taking projects from the pre-planning application stage through to design and delivery.


Away from the blue-chip market, we’ve applied our expertise to major retail, residential and mixed-use developments.


Programme management involves a high level of planning and control to manage a group of related projects in a co-ordinated manner.  It is particularly important on a complex development where multiple phases, delivery needs, risks, costs, stakeholders and outcomes need to be managed under one blanket.

Our programme management style allows us to identify key project milestones to track and address in a timeous and cost efficient way.

The execution of any complex project depends on how well it is planned and structured from the beginning.


Development management is about assisting clients in making the correct strategic decisions at this critical stage, setting the strategy for a successful project, and seeing it through from the start of the feasibility planning to the final hand-over. The development manager works hand-in-glove with the client, acting both as their agent and advisor, and overseeing the development process on their behalf.

Our skills and expertise encompass advisory and risk management, project strategy, feasibility mapping, master plan development, and the identification and appointment of consultants and leasing professionals, as needed. This ensures continuity and seamless execution of strategy on a project from inception to completion, allowing us to employ our full range of skills and expertise to deliver a project which is well conceived, designed and executed. It also results in a direct cost saving to the client.

Tenant co-ordination involves overseeing tenant fitouts in accordance with a landlord’s specifications. Betts & Townsend ensures that tenants and their teams follow all relevant regulations and specifications outlined in the project programme. We make certain that tenant specifications are costed correctly and accurately to ensure that the developer’s budget is not at risk.

The tenant coordination process includes design approval, technical appraisal, liaising with contractors, handing over of premises and ongoing supervision of the construction fit-out. We are the single point of contact between tenant and landlord. Our specialised expertise includes commercial, retail and industrial fitouts. Our aim is to provide a consistent communication path between the landlord, the tenant and all other relevant parties pertaining to the completion of the fit-out.

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