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The introduction of a “project manager” to the development industry has been brought about due to the ever increasing demand for fast track construction.

By either maintaining an agreed programme or reducing the traditional construction programme, the owner of any development enjoys a direct saving on both interest and escalation notwithstanding the obvious extra income generated. The core competencies of any project manager are people, time, contract and cost management. As such the following key criteria need to be identified and managed:

• Project objectives and development goals

• Client’s expectations

• Operational constraints

• Environmental and community constraints

• Timing and programming

• Project financial feasibility

• Regulatory environment

• Economic and tender environment

• Composition of project team

• Supply chain management

• Project and construction ‘milestones’

• Information flow and coordination

• Cost control and value engineering
• Quality management – tender list assessments, on and off

   site inspections and audits.
• Tenant liaison (where applicable)

• Contract framework

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