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Our experience in the hospitality industry is unprecedented,  with over 20 years of experience throughout Africa building  a cross most multi-national  brands


Betts Townsend were appointed as Project Managers under-  neath Interior Designers, Planning Interiors  Limited.


With an in-depth knowledge in construction processes and  quality assurance, Betts Townsend were appointed to ensure  that the hotel quality standards were exceeded and to match  the expectation of the international operator. Our attention to  design control, programme control and team management is a  skill that ensures our projects are delivered within budget and  on time.


It is our philosophy to proactively manage a project, with  stakeholders, consultants and contractors alike, in a supportive  manner that focuses on solutions rather than problems. It is our  way, when encountered with unexpected problems to focus,  manage  and  assist in finding a  resolution.

Client:       Tile & Carpet / Planning Interiors                       Ltd/Dusit D2

Role:         Project Management and Construction  


Location:    Nairobi, Kenya

Project:      Hotel 

Status:       Completed

Dusit D2 Hotel

Dusit D2 Hotel

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