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ISO Partner

Betts Townsend Taylor is a registered and certified ISO 9001:2015 company. Our systems, processes and procedures ensure that key information is managed, and items executed timeously. Our tailor-made project checklists and regular internal audits ensure that we remain focused on delivering according to programme, managing within budget and to achieving the best quality, regardless of location.


Health, Safety, Environmental & Community Policy

Health and safety are subjects we take extremely seriously. So, too, are environmental impact and community interactions. We and our clients expect high standards from all supply chain members. We ensure that contracting parties invest in training and development workshops with a common vision of striving towards delivering projects of distinction.


We uphold that everyone has the right to stop an activity, or report a condition if they believe, in good faith, that the activity or condition observed is unsafe. The person who stopped an activity for health and safety reasons is encouraged to report such matters to the respective manager, even if corrective actions are taken immediately.


We promote conditions conducive to people returning from work each day without physical injury, or psychological stress. In the long term there should be no impairment of their state of health as a result of activities relating to a project. Health, Safety, Environment and Community considerations take precedence over our work programme and cost. All contractors under our control will always act and work in a safe manner, as a condition of their contract. It is our aim to manage all projects in a manner that will be to the benefit of all involved and will continue to contribute to a sustainable future for the community.

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Quality Assurance

Betts Townsend Taylor’s commitment to quality control is of the utmost priority. It is part of our culture. Our systems at all levels are comprehensive and enforced.


We see quality as a “team exercise” – from start to finish, and from everyone involved. Supply chain input on buildability is also encouraged to ensure that the detail of any item is of the highest quality.


Betts Townsend Taylor sees poor quality as the biggest enemy to our industry on any installation or job. We assist all involved from the pre-contract documentation stage, right through to identifying and eliminating defects and poor workmanship during construction. All supply chain systems need to meet our exacting standards. We believe that quality starts in the manufacturing stages, at the factory, and is not just about on-site application. A “nip it in the bud” philosophy is detailed to all active partners on any project and is rigorously implemented.


Our close-out philosophy is that “your next job is only as good as the quality on the last” and we regard this as one of the important reasons for our repeat commissions.

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