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social responsibility

Local Empowerment Policy

Betts Townsend Taylor recognises that no business exists in isolation. We are committed to partnering with local professionals, service providers and contractors in every context and in every location in which we work. We recognise the value that diversity brings to a team and have respect for people’s knowledge of their own markets and business cultures. In addition to assisting where we can with skills development and skills transfer, we remain conscious that we can all learn from one another, to the ultimate benefit of the project.


In South Africa, we are a Level 2 BBBEE supplier and we support national policy in its empowerment objectives. We are 100% staff owned, with 51% of the company being held by a staff trust. We support the construction industry’s empowerment charter and initiatives, and firmly believe and stand behind the broad-based vision of a better industry for all.



Assisting Small Businesses

Betts Townsend Taylor has a history of mentoring small businesses and individuals and has assisted a number of these in developing their businesses into sustainable enterprises. Many have developed into companies that are now recognised by leading developers. These companies provide services such as shop-fitting, painting, joinery and architecture. At Betts & Townsend we ensure that our staff members are mentored on the job and have the relevant training required to achieve their career objectives. Where the opportunity arises, we have conducted joint ventures with a skills transfer plan that has assisted in growing and developing smaller similar consultancies as well as certain individuals. We also believe in the importance of working with local businesses wherever possible.


Promoting Sustainability

Betts Townsend Taylor acknowledges the impact of the construction industry on climate change and is committed to building more sustainably. We support all initiatives, from sourcing and supply chain through to construction materials and methods, which minimise carbon footprints and deliver more sustainable buildings. We are members of the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA), we have delivered various Green Star rated buildings and have several Green Star Accredited Professionals on our staff.

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