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Pick and Pay

excellence is at the heart of our approach

Betts Townsend Taylor was born out of a determination to be different. We constantly strive to provide innovative ways of delivering complex projects and exceeding expectations within a true culture of collaboration.


We pride ourselves on our knowledge, our integrity, and our focus on putting our clients first.

It takes passion and commitment to operate in this competitive market. We believe that our next project is only as good as our last. There is no room for complacency. To deliver the best service for our clients, we take a pro-active approach to anticipating and solving problems – through teamwork and partnering, through continuous improvement, and through encouraging innovative thinking.


Betts Townsend Taylor has weathered good times and bad. We attribute our ability to survive and thrive to our ethos of excellence, teamwork, entrepreneurial spirit and our collaborative, results-oriented culture. We have many loyal and long-serving staff members. For them – and for others – we are more than just a company, we are a family.

Pre - contract

We set up agendas, coordinate and minute development meetings. We focus on design input and buildability.

Contract Phase


We conduct regular meetings on a face-to-face basis concurrently with the regular and necessary documented site meetings.

Monthly management reports are collated and submitted to the client to keep them appraised of the programme, quality, budget and, most importantly, safe aspects.

We promote an environmental management plan on all our construction projects.

We ensure that a senior staff member visits factories where necessary to monitor off-site progress.



From the outset of programme, we address long lead items and ensure that they are included on all agendas until they are finalized. When it comes to the appointment of the various selected and or nominated subcontructors, we ensure that schedules of these preliminary items are included on the agenda at the outset and that they are monitored with respect to pre-tender documentation and implementation.

Our scope of services include the six stages of development included in the SACPCMP statutory document as well as additional value added services such as development management, tenant coordination etc.

In the procurement of professionals, where a client has not already approached a consultant, Betts Townsend Taylor will guide the selection towards a project appropriate professional who has the relevant experience.



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