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Stage 3: Design Development




Manage, co-ordinate and integrate the detail design development process within the project scope, time, cost and quality parameters.


Standard Services  

  • Assist the client in the procurement of the balance of the consultants including the clear definition of their roles, responsibilities and liabilities.

  • Establish and co-ordinate the formal and informal communication structure, processes and procedures for the design development of the project.

  • Prepare, co-ordinate and agree a detailed Design and Documentation Programme, based on an updated Indicative Construction Programme, with all consultants.

  • Manage, co-ordinate and integrate the design by the consultants in a sequence to suit the project design, documentation programme and quality requirements.

  • Conduct and record the appropriate planning, co-ordination and management meetings.

  • Facilitate any input from the design consultants required by Construction Manager on constructability.

  • Facilitate any input from the design consultants required by Health and Safety consultant.

  • Manage and monitor the timeous submission by the design team of all plans and documentation to obtain the necessary statutory approvals.



  • Signed consultant/client agreements.

  • Detailed design and documentation programme.

  • Updated indicative construction programme.

  • Record of all meetings.

  • Approval by client to proceed to stage.

Client approval to  proceed to Stage 4

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