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“Nothing is impossible 

and we know how to do it.


Betts & Townsend

The choice of a procurement strategy is critical to the success of a project, among other things, it will influence the allocation of; the risk, the design strategy and the basis for engagement with contractors and consultants – all of which affect cost, time and quality.


Betts Townsend Taylor, with our wealth of consultancy and contracting experience, brings an existing supply chain for all project sectors and locations. A structured and collaborative approach allows us to co-ordinate and integrate all activities into a seamless process. Partnering is a basis for successful supply chain management and provides clients, consultants and contractors alike with alternative solutions for consideration.


As a component of supply chain management, logistics management is used by Betts Townsend Taylor to meet the demands of the project by means of implementing effective planning and control mechanisms that to assist in the delivery of services, goods or information to any destination that a client requires.

Risk management is the process of identification, analysis and acceptance or reduction of uncertainty in investment decisions. With our extensive knowledge of both market risk and project risk across Africa we work closely with funders and investors and assist them in making decisions.

A common definition of investment risk is a deviation from an expected outcome.


At Betts Townsend Taylor we recognise that developing and frontier markets can provide attractive returns for investors and funders, however, without a good understanding of local conditions there will be a greater degree of risk. Our focus is to mitigate that risk and safeguard outcomes so that clients can realise their expectations.


At Betts Townsend Taylor we provide a service which charts the journey from opportunity identification and investor engagement through to due diligence, project appraisal and then project procurement and ultimately, a fully integrated project delivery solution. We address risk and uncertainty and, as well as assessing socio-economic issues, managing stakeholders and engaging with communities, we will bring together the entire project service offering from the earliest stage.


We provide a range of services that offer a unique perspective and support to projects in challenging environments. With our experience of delivering complex projects in these environments we aim to support developers, investors and funders in making key decisions by providing a risk managed solution that covers the full spectrum.

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