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Programme management is the manner in which Betts & Townsend is tasked to deliver high level planning and execution deliverables of the phased development. Milestone identification is key to a successful project and resources are assigned in this manner to ensure that project stages are delivered on time in accordance with the master programme design at the outset of the project.

Our multi-disciplinary wide ranging hands-on sector experience allows for the resource pool to design and deliver based on “on the ground experience.” Our project management programmes allows for tracking of multiple projects, in turn ensuring that the entire project team can track the necessary deliverables across regions at any point in time. A virtual upload is constantly tracked so no matter where or when project deliverables can be downloaded and reviewed and acted upon.

All of our staff is trained in Microsoft Project which is used as the broad based programme tool. A separate programme which will be designed with the client and the professional team will produce a key task tracking schedule that will micro manage deliverables that then links into a web based archive and tracking system. This tracker will be used in the weekly management meetings and updates will be loaded into the master programme through the project director.

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