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Betts & Townsend’s commitment and dedication to quality control is of the utmost priority. It is in our culture. Our systems at all levels are comprehensive and enforced.

We see quality as a “team exercise” from correct PQS preamble documentation to correct detailing from the design team. Supply chain input on buildability is also encouraged to ensure that the detail of any item is of the highest quality.

Betts & Townsend see bad quality as the biggest enemy to our industry on any installation or job and focus to ensure that defects and bad workmanship is rectified before it is too late.

Our input starts with the pre-contract documentation and assessment of all supply chain Q&A systems to ensure that it meets the high standards that we impose. Our focus on supply chain assistance means that quality starts in the manufacturing stages, at the factory and is not just an onsite application. A “nip it in the bud” philosophy is detailed to all active partners on any project and is controlled through the weekly site walk around and minuted meeting process.

Our close out philosophy is “your next job is only as good as the quality on the last” and we attribute this amongst others as the reason for the repeat commissions that we undertake.

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