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Rosebank Link


Betts Townsend have been appointed as lead Project Managers  for Rosebank Link, a commercial development in Rosebank,  Johannesburg.

With over 25,000 sqm of rentable area, this 7 storey building not  only is beautifully designed, easily accessible by foot or car, as  well as well located within the economic node of Rosebank. Currently, the team is in the inception stage, with a focus on town  planning and road agency approvals; both equally important in  the success of any  project.


It is our philosophy to proactively manage a project, with stakeholders, consultants and contractors alike, in a supportive manner that focuses on solutions rather than problems. It is our way,  when encountered with unexpected problems to focus, manage  and assist in finding a resolution. It is through this philosophy  and  methodology that we  shall  deliver this iconic  project.


Client:      Redefine Properties Limited

Role:        Project Management

Location:   Johannesburg, South Africa

Project:     Commercial

Status:      Under Construction

Completion Date : 2018

value :      R700 million

Size :        25,000m2

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