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supply management

This process takes part in the form of identifying prospective supply chain members, promoting supply chain selected tenders and nurturing candidates and ensuring delivery thereafter. An active involvement in education takes place to ensure that sustainable business models are created to ensure that quality is at its highest.


Ongoing on-site factory quality audits to both front of house (FOH) and back of house (BOH) are carried out regularly in terms of ongoing compliancy to ensure that suppliers remain focused on quality and deliverables imposed. Betts & Townsend expects high standards from established supply chain members, and with this in mind ensures that contracting parties invest in training and development workshops with a common vision of striving towards delivering products of distinction.

Betts & Townsend is active in terms of local empowerment and supply chain management thereof.

To date Betts & Townsend have been instrumental to start-up BEE (In South Africa) companies that have become well known service contractors in the construction industry. In an industry now plagued with overnight start up BEE (in South Africa) firms, Betts & Townsend take a firm stance when it comes to ensuring that commercial clients share in a common benefit of a quality delivered product.

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