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Umhlanga Sands


Umhlanga Sands resort overlooks the Umhlanga Rocks beachfront and is a  popular  destination for local and  international  holidaymakers.

The Resort closed on 14 January 2012 to commence with the refurbishment  of 237 hotel rooms and corridors. Teams started with demolition works on 18  January 2012.


Demolition works included removing of all furniture of 237 rooms, doors,  door-frames, bathroom ceilings and wood and glass panels. New installations  will include cretestone plastering of all walls, state of the art LED down lighters set in a flush skimmed ceiling and new doors and frames with the latest  electronic Vingcard locks to give the rooms a luxurious finish. The plumbing  infrastructure will be completely replaced including hot and cold water supply.  The fire hydrant feeder pipe is also replaced. The rooms will be fitted with a  new  air conditioning fancoil unit, grills and  control panel. Corridor walls  will   be

smooth plastered and new carpets will be laid, bulkhead ceilings and LED down  lights will be giving the curved corridors a new look. In the public areas and  restaurants all wooden shopfronts and doors will be re-placed with aluminium  shopfronts.


The tight programme is a challenge to the team, but with Betts Townsend’s  excellent time management skills the completion date of 5 April 2012 will be  achieved and the hotel will be open in time to welcome their guests for the  Easter weekend.


Client:  Southern Suns Hotels &   Resorts

Role:    Project Management  Location:  Durban, South Africa  Project Type:   Retail

Status:  Completed

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